Customer Engagement Workshop

Engaging customers in the digital world

How can you leverage digital for enhanced growth? This workshop will highlight practical best practices for utilising digital and social channels to build awareness, generate leads, improve customer advocacy and perceptions, overall bringing more prospects to your door.


Nicson White
Executive Director

With a passion for driving marketing and sales performance, Nicson is dedicated to helping clients achieve enduring growth. He has over 13 years of commercial practice experience, has worked internationally and has founded several start-ups across hospitality and environmental sciences.
Nicson has been recognised as Australia’s youngest winner of the My Business Magazine Business of the Year award and is a member of the BRW Fast Starters List. He has hired, trained and coached more than 50 staff and 350 licensees in his own companies. At Blackdot, Nicson heads up the commercial solution sales function and holds a position on the leadership team.

Holistic Client Solutions Workshop

Maximising the value of your brokerage
Benjamin Franklin said, “nothing can be certain except death and taxes” and Jeff Zulman will add a third: one day you will want to sell, retire or exit the industry. This workshop targets brokerage principals and those looking to buy a broker business and provides a rich insight into what your book and business may be worth today and could be worth in the future.
Learn tips from an industry M&A expert about valuations and a methodology to make your business more robust. See how when properly executed, you can enhance both the value of your business and the range of interested suitors – whether buyers or merger partners.


Jeff Zulman
Managing Director
Trailblazer Finance

Jeff Zulman is one of Australia’s leading M&A specialists with a focus on the mortgage brokerage and financial intermediary industries. He is able to share deep, market knowledge with insight gained from over 25 years in executive roles at Goldman Sachs (on Wall Street and in London) and from managing financial institutions in Sydney. He also knows – from firsthand experience – what it takes to start, manage, successfully buy and sell businesses, as he has done with several of his own.